Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger 1.6.1

A mixture of FPS and required in-app purchase

Dead Trigger is a first-person zombie shooter. View full description


  • Impressive visuals
  • Decent controls


  • Too many in-app purchases
  • Cannot level without spending money
  • Unbalanced gameplay


Dead Trigger is a first-person zombie shooter.

The game uses the standard FPS zombie gameplay and presents it on mobile devices. The story of Dead Trigger is very familiar. The world has ended and you are trying to survive. There is not anything new in the story and it is very forgettable. Dead Trigger’s focus is on the gameplay.

Unfortunately, while Dead Trigger’s gameplay is functional, there are a lot of things lacking with the game. Depending on the device you are using, the game looks impressive and is still a step above other FPS games. Controls are a little stiff, and while there is a dedicated joystick for movement, you must touch the screen to look anywhere else, as well as aim.

The problem with this scheme is that the on-screen button used to fire, reload, or aim down the sights takes up a lot of room so you are likely to fire your gun when you don't actually mean to. Early levels in the game give you an assault rifle to defeat zombies with, but the game quickly shows the in-app purchase scheme by taking the rifle away from you and requiring you to purchase a pistol.

More weapons in Dead Trigger cost an extremely high amount of money, and the shortcut to purchase money in the game is even more annoying because there are multiple types of currency to purchase different items in the game. Dead Trigger is an extreme example of using in-app purchases, and it breaks the enjoyment of the game.

That said, Dead Trigger looks amazing, and the Tegra 3 extra effects are impressive. It is one of the best looking games on Android. Depending on the age of your device, you may not get all the little details, but it is more than enough in Dead Trigger. The environments are a bit repetitive, but it is actually difficult to get lost.

Dead Trigger contains a lot of great elements for a game, but the overly pressured monetization makes everything frustrating.

Dead Trigger


Dead Trigger 1.6.1